2017 EBC Jr. All American Camp

Recap of the 2017 Elite Basketball Circuit Jr. All-American Camp.

ANAHEIM, Ca. — American Sports Center played host to Open Gym Premier’s EBC Jr. All-American Camp this past weekend – one of the top middle school basketball events in the country.

The camp drew 560 of the top national players, ranging from second grade to eighth grade, for a three-day camp complete with top level training, testing and games, as well as media exposure from respected outlets from across the country.

Many of the players in attendance earned their invitation to the EBC All-American Camp through their performance at the EBC Regional Events that took place throughout the year.

The Elite Basketball Circuit makes stops in Southern California, Northern California, Arizona, Colorado, Las Vegas, Oregon, Utah and Washington, giving players in those areas an opportunity to earn a spot in the distinguished EBC Jr. All-American Camp.

At the eighth grade level, 6-foot-7 forward Obinna Anyanwu of Cali Boost 16U, was impossible to stop on the offensive end which helped him earn MVP honors. Anyanwu was the most physically gifted prospect in the gym and used it to his advantage to bully his way to the basket and finish with authoritative dunks.

The Las Vegas Prospects’ duo of 6-foot-5 forward Anthony Swift and 6-foot-2 guard Drake Booker were impressive throughout the event, working well as a tandem in pick-and-roll situations.

Booker has an advanced feel for the game with the ball in his hands and has three-level scoring ability. Swift is a superb athlete who is fluid and mobile in transition and has impeccable timing when contesting shots at the rim. Offensively, Swift has good hands and soft touch around the basket.

Anyanwu’s Cali Boost teammate, two-way guard Paris Dawson, asserted his will on his opponents with his high motor game-in and game-out. The 6-foot-1 floor general used his strength and physicality to get to the basket at-will where he finished with ease.

Six-foot-7 forward Myles Clayton out of Northern California was one of more imposing defensive presences on the weekend. Clayton is quick off the floor and knows how to stay vertical on contest, blocking and changing shots while avoiding fouls.

Six-foot-2 guard Brandon Perez earned the MVP distinction at the seventh grade level, using his combination of size, strength and ball skills to get anywhere he wanted on the floor and score in the paint through contact.

Braeden Moore, a 6-foot-5 forward out of Nashville, Tennessee, was one of the more notable big man prospects at the seventh grade level. He showcased the ability to score inside with either hand, while also stretching the floor with touch to 3-point range.

Skyy Clark and Jeremiah Dargan were two of the most versatile prospects at their grade level. Both are rangy, smooth and athletic wings who have a nice combination of fluidity and ball skills for their age.

Barrington Hargress and Ray John Jackson displayed endless motors throughout the event, playing hard-nosed on-ball defense, with a lot of that defense being picked up 94-feet away from the basket.

Mikey Williams dominated the sixth grade level and earned MVP honors. Williams has an unmatched combination of size, strength, speed, athleticism and ball skills of which he can use to his advantage both inside and on the perimeter on the offensive end.

Below is a complete list of awards – MVP, All-Stars, Hustle, Defense and King of the Court – from each grade level.

Outstanding Performers


Class of 2021 – 8th Grade
obinna-anyanwu drake-booker derrick-nettles anthony-swift demarshay-johnson paris-dawson
MVP: Obinna Anyanwu Drake Booker Derrick Nettles Anthony Swift Demarshay Johnson Paris Dawson
Class of 2022 – 7th Grade
brandon-perez barrington-hargress jeremiah-dargan ray-john-jackson braeden-moore skyy-clark
MVP: Brandon Perez Barrington Hargress Jeremiah Dargan Ray John Jackson Braeden Moore Skyy Clark
Class of 2023 – 6th Grade
mikey-williams andrew-camacho jeremyah-aqunio josiah-johnson kayden-lamebull-ingram justyn-aquino
MVP: Mikey Williams Andrew Camacho Jeremyah Aquino Josiah Johnson Kayden Lamebull-Ingram Justyn Aquino
Class of 2024 – 5th Grade
gabe-pickens trey-tolmaire mercy-miller DJ-Thomas kainoa-marasco
MVP: Gabe Pickens Trey Tolmaire Mercy Miller DJ Thomas Marshel Sanders Kainoa Marasco
Class of 2025 – 4th Grade
cortevious-taylor legend-smiley gavin-sykes christopher-komin raymond-whitley kalek-house
MVP: Cortevious Taylor Legend Smiley Gavin Sykes Christopher Komin Raymond Whitley Kalek House
Class of 2026-2027 – 2nd – 3rd Grade
justice-griffith jaleon-germany jahari-miller carey-matsin dash-lamebull tekeio-phillips
MVP: Justice Griffith Jaleon Germany Jahari Miller Carey Mastin Jr. Dash Lamebull-Ingram Tekeio Phillips

King of the Court

2nd – 8th Grade
dj-thomas Joe-Sterling Andrew-Camacho Daniel-Rouzan
Dash Lamebull-Ingram DJ Thomas Joe Sterling Andrew Camacho Nachere Taylor Daniel Rouzan

Hustle and Defense

2nd – 8th Grade
charles-knight Mckae Amundsen Titan-Larsen Tayvion-Wilson Christopher-Walker Nyale-Robinson
Charles Knight McKae Amundsen Titan Larsen Tayvion Wilson Christopher Walker Jr. Nyale Robinson
Chez-Andrew Trent-Turner Tanner-Deal Sean-Quanico jeremiah-paul myles-clayton
Chez Andrew Bey Trent Turner Tanner Deal Sean Quanico Jeremiah Paul Myles Clayton