Best of EBC Sacramento: Howell, Chernyetsky, Plaza, Widemon and Rector

Sacramento, CA – The Elite Basketball Circuit made its final stop of 2019 in Sacramento. This past year, we saw plenty of the West Coast talent shine at the regional camps on top of having strong performances at the Ballislife/EBC All-American Camp. The talent in Sacramento this year will carry the same expectations as some young players stood out above the rest. 2024 Team Touch teammates Jordan Howell (Camp MVP) and Alex Chernyetsky stood out in the 8th grade class. 7th graders Julian Plaza (MVP), Ross Widemon and 5th grade MVP, Kannon Rector, also put on spectacular performances that earned them recognition and status on the G365 Player Watchlist.

Here are the 10 players that out at the Camp:

• 2024 CAMP MVP Jordan Howell
Howell is an all-out competitor that will take upon himself to guard the best player on the opposing team and cares little about who is in front of him on offense being that he is always on attack mode. He has tremendous confidence in that he believes that he is the best player on the court at all times and does his business on the court with the same approach. He clinched his CAMP MVP award recognition in the Top 20 game by proving that he was the best player and competitor in the camp.

2024 Alex Chernyetsky
Chernyetsky is an aggressive, tough and mentally strong player on the offensive end. He is smooth and athletic, plays at his own pace and can score in various ways similar to Luka Doncic

• 2024 Darrell Cenido
Cenido is a skilled player that has a crafty handle. He handles ball very well in that it allows him to create space to either get an open shot or attack the paint and finish. Cenido is an overall strong and creative finisher around the basket.

• 2024 Jayden Doty
Doty was one top slashers at the camp. He constantly stays in motion and opens up opportunities for himself and others. He also has a knack for finishing with either hand on both sides of the rim.

• 2025 MVP Julian Plaza
Plaza is a crafty ball handler with a tremendous skillset. He has the ability to create his own shot and make it look easy while knocking it down. Plaza has strong playmaking skills in both getting the ball to his teammates as well as knowing when to take over.

• 2025 Ross Widemon
Widemon is strong talent with a tremendous skillset. He has a killer crossover, strong ball handles, can finish in the paint with either hand.

• Zaire Allen King
King is a long and athletic wing. His potential is through the roof as has all the necessary tangibles to be a future prospect. At this young age, he excels as a slasher and finisher.

2026 MVP Kingston Mateo
Mateo is a high-level playmaker with tremendous confidence to his game. He is always looking to get his teammates involved while at the same time getting his own by knocking down jumpers.

• 2026 Jaden Ryan
Ryan is a high motor player with a strong work ethic that makes easy for people to take notice of him. He competes on every play and does all the little things required to be a fantastic teammate.

2027 MVP Kannon Rector
Rector showed great flashes of having the potential to be a player to watch in his class. He is a composed ball handler, is aggressive on both ends of the court, and can knock down shots at every level of the floor.