PREVIEW: Open Gym Premier’s Fall Kickoff

ANAHEIM, Ca. – Many of the best club teams (232) from Southern California will be taking part in Open Gym Premier’s 6th Annual Fall Kickoff this weekend at the American Sports Centers. The event kicks off the 2017-18 club season and introduction of Grassroots 365, formerly known as WCE25.

Grassroots 365 and the Elite Basketball Circuit (EBC) will host events in 8 states – Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington – this season and will continue to partner with other local events to bring high level exposure to teams and players.

This year’s event features 45 eighth-grade teams (10 in Gold Division), 61 seventh-grade teams (8 in Open Division), 51 sixth-grade teams (16 in Open Division), 26 fifth-grade teams (8 in Gold Division), 15 in the fourth grade (6 in Gold Division), 10 in the third grade (4 in Gold Division), and 4 second-grade teams.

8th Grade Division

The 8th Grade Division features the no. 1 ranked team in the 2016-17 Grassroots 365 rankings, Elite Sports Club, led by Skyy Clark and Sam Slutske. The RC Bulls (#23) are playing up in the 15u Division. The Gold Division features SoCal’s sixth ranked OGP HQ Black, SoCal Spartans (#9), and 7 Days Basketball (#10).


7th Grade Division

The 7th Grade Open Division features Socal’s seventh ranked Cali Stars, City Ballers and Academy of Future Ballers, as well as NorCal’s RMG Elite.

6th Grade Division

The 6th Grade Open Division will go sixteen deep and will feature West Coast’s eighth ranked Inland Force, Team Dojo (#14), OGP HQ Black (#15), Swoosh Elite (#16), San Diego Southbay Show (#17), Pro Skills (#22), and Team Nikos Black (#23).

5th Grade Division

The 5th Grade Division will feature West Coast’s third ranked Cali Stars, SGV Blue (#16), and Team Nikos Black (#17).

4th Grade Division

The 4th Grade Division will feature West Coat’s eighth ranked The Truth, YouBall (#19), as well as SoCal’s ranked OGP HQ Black (#8) and Hoop Is Life (#10).

3rd Grade Division

The 3rd Grade Division will feature West Coast’s top ranked RMG from NorCal, Hoop is Life (#4), and SGV Blue (#25).


We are excited to take in the action and see which teams have taken major steps towards moving up in the Grassroots 365 rankings.