OGP Summer Showdown Recap

Anaheim, CA – The 7th Annual OGP Summer Showdown event provided teams one last opportunity to make their way up the G365 Rankings.

2023 Team Create had the biggest win, a semi-final victory over Top 25 West Coast All-Stars, on their way to take the 14u Gold Division. Team Create ends the season as the #18 G365 ranked team after entering the event as a non-ranked team.

2025 IEBP Blue came up short in the 11u Gold Division, but had some great wins over G365 #17 Mentally Fit and California Stars that helped vault them to a final season G365 ranking of #16.

Other teams with impressive weekend performances were:
G365 2026 #2 Mentally Fit won the 11U Gold Division taking down 3 Top 25 11u teams on their way to a championship.
Hoop Is Life 9u, runner-up to G365 #7 G1 Elite, had impressive victories over 2 G365 Top 25 teams and finished the season at #19.