The Drop: March

The Drop is the one stop shop to find the best players, teams and programs throughout youth basketball. Our team here at Grassroots 365 in partnership with Open Gym Premier and Elite Basketball Circuit meets every month to put together the best of the best. Whether through undefeated runs, tough finishes or outright dominance over the grassroots circuit, they have earned a right to call themselves the best on the West Coast! Welcome to The Drop, March.

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Team Rankings

  • Grassroots 365 (G365) tournament results are exclusively weighted in the team rankings. We do not factor in non-G365 events. 
  • The higher levels of competitive divisions are the primary focus of the rankings.  Gold division teams are more likely to be ranked than teams playing in Silver or below. 
  • Final tournament standings as well as head to head results are used to determine placement within the rankings.
  • We observe as many games in person as possible to evaluate teams and players in live action.
  • Rankings are updated and re-evaluated once per month.
March Trends
  • Oakland Soldiers 8u – #1 Team after defeating #2 Cavs at G365 President’s Day Classic 
  • Bakersfield TTP 9u moves up to #13 after defeating #24 SD Jaguars at the G365 Battle
  • Cali Elite Hoops 9u make G365 Rankings debut at #12 after winning G365 President’s Day Classic 
  • Bakersfield TTP 10u makes rankings debut at #18 after winning The G365 Battle in Anaheim 
  • #3 Team Arsenal 10u defeats #12 One on One for the Battle of Bay Championship 
  • #4 360 Basketball 10u  defeats #10 Cavs at the G365 President’s Day Classic 


  1. 360 Basketball (CA)
  2. Arizona Phenoms (AZ)
  3. Team Arsenal (CA)
  4. Team Bradley (WA)
  5. Game Time (WA)
  • #3 Squad 11u defeats #7 2029 Select at the G365 Battle 
  • #4 360 Basketball 11u defeats #13 Creators to win G365 President’s Day Classic 
  • light 12u wins G365 President’s Day Classic 
  • #2 Oakland Rebels defeat #16 Lift Aftermath 2028 to G365 Battle of the Bay
  • #4 AZ Foe knocks off #3 IE Sixers at G365 Battle in Anaheim


  1. Sneakersteal (CA)
  2. Oakland Rebels (CA)
  3. NW Prodigy (WA)
  4. AZ F.O.E (AZ)
  5. IE Sixers (CA)


  1. SF Work Hard, Play Hard (CA)
  2. JR Hoops Garnet (CA)
  3. SD Prospects Supreme (CA)
  4. Silicon Valley Soldiers (CA)
  5. High Major (AZ)


  1. Squad (CA)
  2. 509 Phenoms (WA)
  3. Team Arsenal (CA)
  4. 360 Basketball (CA)
  5. AVAC Komplex Sports (CA)


  1. AZ Gym Rats (AZ)
  2. Oakland Soldiers (CA)
  3. Squad (CA)
  4. 360 Basketball (CA)
  5. PBC (AZ)
  • #13 Silicon Valley Soldiers 13u defeat #14 Normal Powell Elite (AZ) to take G365 President’s Championship 
  • #12 NorCal Prep defeats #13 Silicon Valley Soldiers for Battle of the Bay Championship 
  • Oceanside’s Finest 13u makes Top 25 after taking championship at G365 Anaheim Battle
  • KOB 14u knocks off #2 JR Hoops Garnett at the G365 Bowl in Anaheim
  • 14us Cali Hoops Elite, Lift Aftermath Black, SB Prospects and KOB join G365 Top 25


  1. LA G1 Elite (CA)
  2. PDX Ballers (OR)
  3. Sneakersteal (CA)
  4. SF Work Hard, Play Hard (CA)
  5. Squad (CA)

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